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Why the new interpretation of the
Your Business and the LAW
The Penalties for non-compliance
Will this affect my business
Health and Safety Legislation
The Benefits of Road Safety
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We hope that this report has given you an overview of your company’s
responsibilities and the benefits derived from implementing a Duty of Care culture.
So, where do you go from here? Well, we believe that you have three options
Option 1 – Do nothing – keep your fingers crossed
– Over 30% of all motoring accidents are business related – the odds are against you

– More than 4 million vehicles on the road are insurance write-offs. Your drivers - their cars – your problem.

– A third of all motorists drive illegally – your drivers – your responsibility.
In the event of an accident, YOU, your staff or agents risk:

• Going to jail
– The police are mandated to investigate road accident fatalities as manslaughter.

• Being fined
– Unlimited fines. Based on your turnover not profit i.e. big enough to close you down.

• Civil action being taken by your own staff, and/or a third party insurer

Option 2 – do it yourself
Train someone on your staff to be (and remain) totally up to date with:

– HSE and Police legislation
– Journey planning
– Fleet management
– Best practice
– Accident analysis
– Continual improvment

Design and publish all the necessary handbooks and documents needed to comply with HSE guidelines

Task someone to keep a check on all people - employees or otherwise - who drive on your behalf
– The condition of their vehicles – whether company or privately owned
– The suitability of the vehicle
– The driver's medical condition
– Their driving licences
– Their insurance

If this is your desired option, ManORR is at hand to ensure that all of your staff are
trained to HSE standards and documentation meets legislative requirements.

Option 3 - form a partnership with ManORR
ManORR Limited is one of the country’s acknowledged market leaders in the management of occupational road risk. Recognising that this is a rapidly developing area of legal interpretation and employment best practice, ManORR has developed a solution that combines good vehicle management with good health and safety management. The result is designed to satisfy the “duty of care” requirements of the health and safety legislation in relation to driving at work, and also deliver significant commercial benefits.

Principal director Kevin Paul combines many years of practical experience with formal health and safety qualifications and a degree in law, and has assembled a team with a tremendous variety of skills and experience. The team members have specialist skills ranging from formal health and safety issues to environmental and behavioural factors, including human resources, fleet management, accident investigation, training and financial expertise.

The breadth and scope of ManORR’s capability in ensuring the safe and efficient running of any form of work related road transport is considered to be unequalled in the market. In particular the practical “common sense” approach to difficult issues makes it easy and cost effective to implement improvements. The benefits are demonstrated both in the
health and safety of the employees and the public, and also in the financial wellbeing of the employer.

ManORR’s solutions range from publications and guidance notes to support the professional, through training courses and independent audits, to a full compliant implementation and ongoing advice service. All solutions are supported by a diary reminder system for audits, reviews, licence and insurance checks etc, and an independent accident investigation and analysis service.

If they're driving for you, they're your responsibility