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Members Benefits
A TOTAL source of vehicle management support –

ManORR has brought together a team of legal and health and safety professionals to help companies like yours to comply with the many aspects of the Duty of Care legislation.
Members enjoy a wealth of services and support.

1. Professional guidance and support
Members have access to a series of templates and documents relating to policies and procedures, enabling them to create driver and vehicle handbooks. The extensive reporting facilities can help you spot potential problem areas quickly. An 'exception management' approach means you can keep on top of issues without trawling through lots of data.
2. Implementation and Best Practice
You also receive information relating to good practice, induction training, relevant legislation, vehicle funding options etc. All of this is supported by a comprehensive set of guidance notes to help you and your staff in conducting risk assessments of your organisation, its drivers, vehicles and journeys.

3. Vehicle and driver status at a glance
The electronic diary system takes away the stress and tedium of keeping track of drivers and vehicles, whilst complying with the HSE legislation. Members are contacted on a regular basis either by telephone, email or text messages to remind managers and drivers of forthcoming service and maintenance dates, projected mileage (for contracted vehicles), driver DVLA checks, insurance renewals and checks, MoT dates, road fund licence renewals etc.

4. DVLA checks
In addition, subject to your authorisation, we can also undertake DVLA checks on your behalf.
You can sleep easy knowing that your managers are following your best practice policies and procedures and that you have the tools to spot potential problems before they arise.

5. Help when you need it
Members are provided with a freephone number that is issued to all employees to call in the event of being involved in a road accident - staff who are driving their own vehicle for non-work activities can also use this number. The Incident Reporting Line will advise the caller in relation to the safe management of the incident, and will compile a report which can be used to help analyse the cause of any accident and form new recommendations. This provides your company with a ‘paper trail’ in the event of an HSE investigation.

6. Getting your staff back on the road as quickly as possible
Should your vehicle or your employee’s vehicle be un-driveable as a result of an accident (whoever is to blame) we can arrange for an immediate replacement vehicle free of charge for up to 48 hours.

Always up to date
We constantly update our processes and policies to keep you up to date with the latest legislation and HSE advice.


If they're driving for you, they're your responsibility