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ManORR - Standard Membership

Please contact us for details of our new fee structure.

Compliance and Best Practice Toolkit
The toolkit is designed to be used create compliant policies and systems of work.

Members have access to a wide range of resources including legal guidance, templates relating to policies and procedures, and draft handbooks that can be adapted to attend to both legal compliance and best working practice in relation to driving at work.

Guidance notes and draft templates are also provided, relating to conducting risk assessments of the

• driver
• vehicle
• journey
• organisation

Additional information relating to good practice, induction training, relevant legislation, vehicle funding options etc is also provided.

Diary reminder service
Members provide details of drivers and vehicles (updated regularly) from which reminders are issued to relevant departments, line managers and individual drivers – via email and text messaging - indicating

• projected service and maintenance dates
• projected mileage (for contracted vehicles)
• driving licence DVLA checks*
• insurance renewals and checks
• MoT dates
• road fund licence renewals
• insurance status of owner-driver vehicles

*DVLA makes an additional charge for this information

Incident Reporting Line
To ensure ‘best practice’ members are provided with a freephone number to issue to all employees to call in the event of them being involved in a road accident. The call triggers the start of a formal audit trail. The information given is used to compile a report which can be used to help analyse the cause of any accident and form new considerations or recommendations arising from the analysis. It provides information that could be required by third parties e.g. Police, HSE, insurers, and also forms an integral part of a driver’s appraisal.

The Incident Reporting Line will also:-*

• Advise the caller in relation to the safe management of the incident.

• Assess whether a courtesy vehicle can be provided and a damaged vehicle recovered (either in the event of a non-fault accident or by agreement with the Member).

• Meet all costs of any recovery and replacement vehicles where a courtesy vehicle can be provided

• Recover uninsured losses, including losses suffered by our Member and also compensation for personal injuries suffered by employees and other passengers on a no win – no fee basis.

• Employees who are driving any vehicle for non-work activities can also use this service free of charge.

*Providing no material false statement has been made to the Incident Reporting Line

ManORR Consultant Supported (partially outsourced) Solution
Members who do not have the staff to manage the compliance elements (with or without training) or who would prefer to utilise the services of experienced and trained consultants to create and/or audit a compliant system can contract for a full consultancy service consisting of three elements.

Initial installation: A ManORR consultant will visit the Member’s premises to assess current compliance levels and to identify areas of concern. Risk assessments will be carried out on the organisation and a template developed for risk assessments of drivers, vehicles and journeys. Data will be collected to activate the diary reminder facility and assistance with implementation of the Incident Reporting Line will be given.

Annual audit: A ManORR consultant will visit your site(s) on an annual basis (or more frequently if required) to assess levels of compliance and recommend any improvements in the light of changes in legislation, legislative interpretation or best practice. The consultant will also analyse, with the Member, the accident reports and suggest improvement measures as appropriate.

Advice Line: Members who have engaged the services of our consultancy team will also have access to ongoing advice – both on-line and on-site - throughout the term of their contract on all elements associated with occupational road risk.

If they're driving for you, they're your responsibility