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As mentioned previously, policies within an organisation must not encourage increased exposure to risks. This is a particularly wide-ranging area, and may include the following areas of concern:

Expenses policies

• Difficulties in obtaining approval and claiming for overnight accommodation

• Lack of policy on overnight stops

• Requirement to make statements about the condition of a vehicle, driving
record or insurance class of use before expenses will be paid

• Restricting mileage payments to the shortest distance to the destination

Human Resources policies

• Lack of suitable induction training (within organisation or in relation to specific vehicles)

• Inadequate driver assessment and training

• Driving skills and capabilities inadequately assessed or not taken properly into account during recruitment

• Disciplinary and grievance procedures that do not deal adequately with driving at work issues

• Incomplete driving licence checks (at the time of appointment and ongoing)

Health and Safety Policies

• Lack of written policies

• Inadequate risk assessments of drivers, vehicles and journeys

Workplace Culture

• Schedules that are virtually impossible to meet without speeding or foregoing breaks

• Bonus schemes or commission schemes that encourage long journeys and long working days

• Pressure on under-performing sales people to increase their number of calls (without an adequate risk assessment)

• Lack of attention to journey authorisation and approval process

Vehicle Management

• Incomplete vehicle maintenance and service details

• Inadequate diary reminders (and projected mileage process)

• Lack of proper selection criteria regarding specification for vehicles (taking safety factors into account)

Whilst a large proportion of this report has highlighted your responsibilities as
a manager and the consequences of ignoring the legislation, there are
many benefits to be gained by implementing a Road Safety Programme in your


If they're driving for you, they're your responsibility