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The Benefits of Road Safety
The cost of an accident involving one of your employees can amount to a great deal more than repair bills and inconvenience.

The key benefits of managing road safety among your employees cover a range of important areas:

1) It enables you to have greater control over costs that can include:

a. Legal fees and claims
b. Insurance premiums
c. Sick leave due to stress or injuries sustained in a road traffic accident.

2) It also allows you to make decisions regarding matters such as driver training and vehicle purchase and helps you identify where health and safety improvements can be made. Evidence has shown that the benefits from managing work-related road safety and reducing road traffic accidents include:

a.  Less lost time due to work rescheduling;
b.  Less chance of key employees being banned from driving.
c. Reduced running costs through better driving standards - fewer missed orders and   business opportunities so reduced risk of losing the goodwill of customers;
d. Fewer vehicles off the road for repair
e. Fewer days lost due to injury;
f. Reduced stress and improved morale;
g. Reduced risk of work-related ill health;
h. Less need for investigation and paperwork;

3) Not only does promoting safe driving at work create a safer workforce. It also
helps promote a feeling of worth among your employees. Additionally, the skills they
learn will often rub off in their private driving and generally make them more
relaxed and safer drivers, which is good news for everyone!

4) Good road risk management can help reduce your fleet insurance premiums.
One of our preferred partners is Midlands Insurance Services. Visit their website for more information.


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