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Why the new interpretation of the legislation?
• 8 million people drive on company business every day
• 250 of them are seriously injured every week
• 20 employees die every week
Out of some 3,400 fatal road casualties occurring in Great Britain every year, between 800 and 1,000 involve people or vehicles which are on the road for work purposes, that is
to say around 1 in 3 people injured or killed on the roads each year were ‘at work’ at the time. This makes work- related road accidents the biggest single safety issue for most UK businesses. In fact, car and van drivers who cover 25,000 miles a year as part of their job are at greater risk of being killed at work than those working in construction or
agriculture. The number of work related fatalities in 2005/06 amounted to 214. Consequently, the impact of work related road deaths is a factor of 4/5 times more severe than the combined total.
To reflect this situation, there are fundamental changes being made by the Health and Safety Executive. In simple terms these are:

The Old
In the past, if an employee caused death or injury whilst driving on company
business they were personally prosecuted.

The New
If an employer hasn't taken adequate 'duty of care', the individual ultimately
responsible, usually a director, or line manager, can also be prosecuted and
imprisoned for Corporate Manslaughter.

Your drivers may be hundreds of miles away, but duty of care remains
with you.


If they're driving for you, they're your responsibility