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Why the new interpretation of the
Your Business and the LAW
The Penalties for non-compliance
Will this affect my business
Health and Safety Legislation
The Benefits of Road Safety
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Will this affect my business?
During the course of preparing this report we came across many misconceptions –
here are a few:

This legislation won’t affect me because…

“…My business is too small”

The legislation applies equally to all businesses who are employers, from sole traders to PLCs. There are additional requirements placed on businesses that employ over 5 people.
“…I don’t run company vehicles”

If you drive (or ask a third party to drive) a vehicle on company business – whoever it belongs to, or however short the journey - it applies to you.

“…My staff run their own cars”

Whoever the vehicle belongs to, it becomes your company’s responsibly to ensure
that it is roadworthy, maintained as per the manufacturer’s service schedule, that it
is taxed and insured for business use, carries a current MoT certificate etc.

“…all this is handled by our Leasing Company/ Accountants/ Insurance
Brokers/ Bankers/ Lawyers etc….”

The law is quite clear in this respect: It is the responsibility of Directors and Line
Managers, and cannot be transferred to a third party.


If they're driving for you, they're your responsibility